The law has a direct effect on a business. that is because the law can command if one practice is legal or illegal. If you have a business that is considered illegal then you have to stop it. If not then you have to bear the risk of being arrested or penalized. The law can have a negative effect but it is believed to be helpful for those who made it. The problem is that if those who imposed the law has other intention than helping the businesses.

It can have a big blow effect on those who are in the business sector. But if they were made for helping the business sector then they are to be accepted and followed. Sometimes even if it was imposed with the excuse of helping the business sector but the effect is negative. One of the effects would be an additional process in providing services or selling products. It could also increase the cost of delivering services that it would make the business be bankrupt.

In the internet sector also in Europe. It has issued a regulation that would make the practice of it be an organized one. But there are things that were changed that made it be viewed negatively. They had imposed new rules that they seem to see it as a good one but in the part of the individuals or partnership is not. It will just make it harder for them to be able to earn a profit on what they are working for.