If you came to the US and want to do business in Europe, you have to know the different ways that business is done here. That is because there are significant differences that would determine your success in making a good deal. It is now easy to travel to Europe and make a business as the process is mostly similar and you can have a solid foundation. People also can speak English but when it comes to closing a deal or negotiation, you have to know how the way of Europe.


You have to establish your credibility by acting the European way. The one thing you should know is that transactions are done over a meal unlike in the US where you can do it on a golf course. It may take some time also to finish so be prepared. That is because the European way does not care much on the time. They prefer to take their time to understand ideas and ponder on it. That is why you can have as many long meeting as you can.

Knowledge of current events is also important as Europeans like to hear something that they had not heard of even if it is not about the business being discussed. That is because being knowledgeable means you are intelligent and educated. It also follows how you behave during meetings. Make sure you follow the etiquette. When it comes to the clothes to wear, be formal always and do not wear flashy clothing and accessories.