This company is one that provides services of the internet especially the wireless ones. there are many choices that you can avail of this service. It was designed with the mind that each person has their preference and so one product was made in consideration to it. They were made into one that directly caters to the concern. Others were not directly targeted but they could serve well buy a substitute or very similar product. That is why you can have your choices for your need.

The company focuses on providing services of the internet for the marinas that are found in Europe. It has been one that is providing broadband that is wireless in nature that has been used by sailors that has to stay on the sea. As now the demand and necessity for internet are obvious and many people like to stay online to stay connected with others and to also being able to have access of the news or latest updates and many more so internet is being longed for.

With the internet, you can be able to check the status of stock trading, the chat sessions, or conferencing with the use of the video and also using the virtual private network in connection. Email and also chatting are parts of the internet activity. The company was made in the year 2002. Its headquarter is found in Marlow in the United Kingdom. The company then has its operation for some years until it was deemed not enough so it will be suspended.